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Seipel, Tracy "New polls show growing support for A's to San Jose, but Santa Clarans split on 49ers stadium" Silicon Valley Mercury News, March 1, 2010, Bay Area News

Matier, Philip and Ross, Andrew "Santa Clara voters split on 49ers stadium" San Francisco Chronicle, March 1, 2010, Matier and Ross Column

"Voter’s Pamphlet shenanigans are nothing new in Eugene." The Register-Guard, January 20, 2010, Guest Viewpoint

"On 49ers, A's Moves: Public Opinion Depends on Information Level." Public CEO, January 15, 2010

Mapes, Jeff "Early turnout in Oregon tax vote looks high." The Oregonian, January 13, 2010, Jeff Mapes Blog

Mapes, Jeff "Another disputed poll on tax measures." The Oregonian, January 8, 2010, Jeff Mapes Blog

Steves, David "Eugene pollster calls tax measure vote a toss-up." The Register-Guard, January 8, 2010, Capitol Notebook with David Steves

Mapes, Jeff "Deep Oregon history: The other low point for the GOP." The Oregonian, January 8, 2009, Jeff Mapes Blog

Seipel, Tracy "A's to San Jose Survey." San Jose Mercury News, December 16, 2009, Bay Area News: Group to fight public funding for A's stadium in San Jose

Mapes, Jeff "Poll: Voters divided, uncertain on tax measures." The Oregonian, December 4, 2009, Jeff Mapes Blog

Matier, Philip and Ross, Andrew "A's to San Jose Survey." San Francisco Chronicle, December 2, 2009, Matier and Ross Column

Wright, Jeff "Little consensus on location for Leaburg Lake boat ramp." The Register-Guard, December 18, 2007, City/Region section.

Russo, Edward “Poll shows measure’s foes were swayed by campaign.The Register-Guard, November 10, 2007, City/Region section.

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